"Wicked Little Dolls come off like Switchblade Symphony by way of Faster Pussycat, with high-pitched little girl vocals delivering sinister messages over dueling rock guitars....are pure evil fun, like a clove cigarette-scented version of The Runaways." 
-Grave Concerns Magazine 

“New York City’s dirtiest darkest secret. If you think toys can’t hurt you, then you haven’t met the Wicked Little dolls.” 
-Classic Rock Magazine 

"Wicked Little dolls are like the very best Kiss songs fronted by a vengeful 13-year-old schoolgirl. And the punk edge all over this thing… man, this is 1977 UK/CBGB punk, not the warmed over new stuff. A crunchy, chewy bit of retro hard rock mania. 
-Brave Words Bloody Knuckles Magazine 

“Wicked Little dolls is a loony possible satanic cross between Alice Cooper and Daisy Chainsaw, with a little 45 Grave and Lucio Fulci tossed into the humanry stew for extra flavor.”